Year Two

Year Two is taught by Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Gaughan with help from teaching assistant Mrs Hart. Mrs Russell, our previous TA in this class is currently on secondment at The Rural Wyre Children's Centre.

In our Reception, Year One and Year Two classes parents are encouraged to join us for "Independent Learning Time" in the mornings. For more information and feeback from parents on these sessions, please click here.

To see what the class got up to when they were in Year One please click here:

 Year Two took the lead roles in this year's nativity. Below are Mary & Joseph with their donkey and some angels! Our original Mary, Virginia was unwell the day of the photo so is replaced in the photo by Grace.

 In November Year One and Two joined together to learn all about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. The video below shows both classes getting to grips with some Bollywood style dancing at their Diwali celebration (which took place on Children in Need Day, hence the spots!).

 In October Year Two went to Blackburn Rovers to learn about Health & Fitness. They had a workshop on "The Hungry Footballer" and how to choose healthy options and a tour of the stadium before playing football in the Ewood Park indoor arena.