Year Three

Year Three is taught by Mrs Bosson with help from teaching assistants Mrs Cross, Mrs Wadee and Mr Baker.

To see what the class got up to when they were in Year Two please click here

The 2012 junior Christmas production includes this rendition of "I'll be there" which was also sent in to Radio 2's Breakfast Show for inclusion in Chris Evan's show.


Garstang St Thomas I'll be there_VID00068_12-13-2012.mp3

 In the Summer term the children did a lot of work on "the 3 rs"; reduce, reuse, recycle. They visited a local recycling plant and produced some fantastic work which you can see below.

 Year Three were invited back to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) free of charge following their visit earlier in the term because they were so keen to learn and enthusiastic! Below are photos of the return visit.

Year 3 were wondering why and how people travel into Garstang, now and in the past….so, we put on our deerstalkers, grabbed our magnifying glasses, and went on the hunt for clues…!

To finish our theme on Rules for living Year 3 invited 2 guests:

Mrs Wadee taught us about the Hajj and Father Stephen took us off to a desert island before we quizzed him about the 10 commandments. The slide show below shows the children working with both Ms Wadee and Father Stephen.

 Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Manchester MOSI in November ! Not only did we: see many ways of travelling from the past, present and future; find out how steam power make engines move enormous machines; meet William Huskisson, who opened the first passenger steam train service from Manchester to Liverpool (and met an untimely demise!)…but we also saw 10 Eddie Stobart lorries on our journey!! : D

We found out about God giving Moses the Ten Commandments as rules for his chosen people to live by. We know that some of these rules have become laws in our country and that Christians today use the commandments to help them live good lives and get closer to God. These pictures show us making a clay tablet and then using tools to carve and create patterns and pictures on the surface of the clay, to show the most important commandment as told by Jesus.

It is 30 years since Roald Dahl wrote the BFG...and we still love the story now in Year 3! We found out how the BFG catches dreams and what he might write on the label of a bottled dream. We captured our own dream creations in jars and wrote a label for our Whoppsy-Whiffling Dreams!

We also took part in a live link-up with Quentin Blake, the illustrator of the Roald Dahl stories!  He answered lots of questions and showed us how he draws some of his characters…so we had a go ourselves!

 On a Friday Year 3 and Year 4 join together for a series of challenges - pictured below we try to cross the playground without getting our feet "wet"!