Year Four

Year Four is taught by Miss Alston with support from Miss Shepherd, Mrs Wadee and Mr Baker.

To see what the class got up to in Year 3 please click here.

 In the Summer Term, Year Four have been lucky enough to be selected to take part in a special whole class music project. A teacher from LCC music service is visiting every Tuesday to teach the whole class the violin.

The 2012 junior Christmas production includes this rendition of "I'll be there" which was also sent in to Radio 2's Breakfast Show for inclusion in Chris Evan's show.


Garstang St Thomas I'll be there_VID00068_12-13-2012.mp3

 The banner at the top of the page shows Year Fours work on the artist and ceramicist Clarice Cliff.

As part of this term's project on light, and in preparation for our Christmas themed displays, some of the Class got to grips with candles and candlelight.


 As part of their geography curriculum for the year, Year 4 have been studying settlements; comparing and contrasting Blackburn with Garstang. The class visited Blackburn Rovers Football Ground, Ewood Park to learn map skills and look at the city before returning to Garstang and carrying out a survey of the town.

 On a Friday Year 3 and Year 4 join together for a series of challenges - pictured below we try to cross the playground without getting our feet "wet"!