Year Two 2014/15

Our Year Two Class is taught by Mrs Bosson with help from Ms Wood, Mrs Cross, Mrs Hart & Mr Baker.

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The Christmas production this year was called "Little Angel Gets Her Wings" and the children in Year 2 took the lead roles. Below is a photo of the cast but more photos can be seen here.

Year2 were invited by Professor Plant, from the National Museum of Wales, totake part in a National Spring Bulbs Project, with another149 schools across the UK. Thanks to a donation from the Edina Trust, they have adopted some daffodil and crocus bulbs, planted them and promised to care for them until they flower. Professor Plant wants their help in finding how out howour changing seasons are affecting spring flowers, which in turn can affect living things from the same habitat. The bulbs were planted underfairconditions and we now have tomeasure, record and report the daily rainfall and temperature. Professor Plant thinks that bulbs planted in places with highertemperatures will flowerfirst.

The Edina Trust have alsoprovided us with a newcamera sothat we can record any exciting developments…watch this space!


In October the children from Year Two, Reception & Year One represented the school at the church Harvest Festival with some wonderful singing and pictures. After church they helped plant poppies in the church yard to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.

In October we asked parents of children in Reception, Year One and Year Two to complete a short questionnaire; we received 16 replies and the responses are detailed below.

We asked;

1. Would you like to attend a workshop about any of the following?


    • How can I help my child with speaking and listening?
    •  How can I help my child read/phonics?
    •  How can I help my child write/spell?
    •  How can I help my child develop their maths skills?




2. If yes, when would you prefer the workshops to be?


  • During the school day so that I can see my child carrying out an activity.
  •  Straight after school.
  •  In the evening (6.00pm-ish)



3. When would you prefer to come for a stay and play/learning journey session? (reception only)



4. Are there any other workshop ideas you would like us to offer?


One parent asked for further information on our Woodland group.

We have analysed the questionnaires and we are now in the process of planning some initiatives to meet these requests.

Thank you to the parents who took the time to complete the questionnaires.