Staff - Academic Year September 2017 - July 2018

Each Year we ask parents for feedback on aspects of our school. Last year feedback showed that some parents didn't know all the staff that worked in their child's class. With this in mind we have redesigned this staff page to show staff class by class. Some members of staff work in more than one area of the school so their pictures appear more than once. We hope you find this helpful and if you have any further questions please email

Head Teacher & Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs H Ife & Mrs K Stewart

Reception Class Staff

Mrs A Wilson, Mrs J Dugdale,  Miss Shepherd & Mrs Willshaw

Year One Staff

Mrs D Westwood,   Mrs S Burke & Amy Shepherd

Year Two Staff

Mrs C Bosson,  Mrs V Haslam & Ms A Wood.

Year Three

Mrs K So, Mrs C Taylor (maternity leave), Mr L Baker & Mrs R Taylor

 Year Four

Mrs Reynolds,  Mrs M Gaughan & Miss Shepherd

 Year Five

Mrs K Alston, Mrs K Stewart, Mrs M Gaughan, Mrs A Cross, & Mrs G Craggs

Year Six

Mr D Marle & Mrs B Mower

 Office Staff

Mrs H Holt &  Mrs J Williams 

Breakfast Club

 Mrs S Burke & Mrs V Hayton

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs M Blakey, Mrs D Horner , Mrs F Miller, Mrs V Haslam ,  Mrs B Fricker, 

 Ms A Wood  & Mrs J Williams

 Tommy's After School Club 

Mrs B Mower, Mrs S Burke, Mrs A Cross & Miss A Shepherd

 Site Staff

Mr R Irvine, Mrs V Hayton, Mrs M Blakey & Miss A Miller