School Meals

Mrs Blakey, our school cook, provides a choice of three hot meals every day on a rotating meal plan. Children are asked to choose in advance from the menus, either in class for the older children, or at home with their parents.

Autumn Term 2017  - Mrs Blakey is cooking several special lunches in the Autumn term which children who don't normally have school meals are welcome to join us for. If you would like to book for one or all of these meals you can download a booking form here.

As you may already be aware your school catering service has been awarded the prestigious Soil Association Food for Life Silver Catering Mark award in recognition of the fresh and healthy meals it serves in your school. The silver award requires us to focus more on using organic produce, source ethical and environmentally friendly food and use locally sourced ingredients.

This is just a small part of the standards we must satisfy and if you would like to read more about the Silver Catering Mark Award you can do so at:

Our menus also comply with the school food standards which ensure the children get the nutrition they need across the whole day and the main principles are:

• At least three different fruits and three different vegetables each week.

• A dessert containing at least 50% fruit two or more times each week.

• No more than two pastry items a week.

• No more than two days a week when a carbohydrate cooked in oil or fat is served (garlic bread, roast potatoes, chips, diced potatoes,hash brown & Yorkshire pudding)

• Oily fish once or more every three weeks.

• No more than two portions of food that has been deep-fried, batter-coated or breadcrumb-coated each week.

This includes non-fried bread crumbed items.