Reception Class 2013-14

 Our Reception class is taught by Mrs Wilson with help from Mrs Dugdale and Mrs Hart

Early in the summer term one of our parents,Mrs Emma Hardcastle, asked if we'd like an incubator and some eggs.  She then brought the incubator and eggs to school.    The children learnt that the eggs had to stay in the incubator to keep  warm. The children made a rota to tick off when to turn the eggs, they checked the temperature and water.  Eventually the eggs started to move and shake and the children could hear the chicks chirping inside the egg.  They were able to watch the first signs of the chicks hatching.  One morning when the children arrived two chicks had hatched but the children were able to watch the next chick hatch.  After the chicks had spent about a day in the incubator and dried out we took them out.  The children had to teach the chicks how to eat and drink and then we put them in a larger box with a heater.  The chicks stayed in the box until the Easter holidays when Mrs Hardcastle took them home.  The children were able to handle the chicks, feed and water them and observe how they grew even just over a few days.


This project has helped to teach the children how to respect and take care of animals, and experience the miracle of life first hand.  It was part of our work learning about Easter and new life.  The children had great fun and enjoyed bringing their parents and others into the class to look at the chicks.  The chicks also enjoyed visits to other classes in school. Below are pictures of the children with the chicks.


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On October 10th, the school hosted a Parents' Phonics Day run by Lancashire Adult Learning for infant parents. For details and photos from the day click here.
The children have settled into school life really well! The slide show below shows the children enjoying their first two weeks of school.