Parent Feedback 

At Garstang St Thomas' we are always striving to be the best and offer your children the best education and the happiest school days possible. With that in mind we welcome feedback from parents and send out an annual questionnaire to gauge opinion from the school community. Below you will find graphs showing the results of this year's questionnaire and an explanation of what we are doing to improve.Overall, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

1. The school has a clear understanding of my child’s needs

Parents who said partly were contacted and a discussion of the child's individual needs took place.

2. The school keeps me informed about my child's progress

Informal drop-in style Parents Evenings are held every month with a more traditional parents evening held in January. Report cards are being introduced at the end of each term with a full annual report at the end of each year. Parents who are concerned about their child's progress can make an appointment at any time to discuss their concerns, and if a class teacher is concerned they will contact parents to discuss any underlying issues.

3. I am given information about what my child is learning

In order to increase the amount of information about the curriculum available to parents we have now added the informal parents evenings each month for parents to meet with teachers and ask questions. We also have an open door policy which means parents/carers can speak to teachers quickly and easily to get any information they may need.

4. Teachers give me advice and tasks to help my children at home

Parents answering "No" have been contacted directly and each case discussed on an individual basis. Homework tasks are set to help children at home and parent workshops on our teaching methods and homework are being planned for later in the year. Visit the homework section of the website for suggestions and  video blogs on how we teach maths

5. Teachers listen to my concerns

School have an open door policy and we will always try to listen to any concerns you may have about your child. If it is not an appropriate time to listen (for example, when the children are all arriving at the start of the day and confidentiality can not be guaranteed), please make an appointment either with the class teacher or via the school office. We aim to address any concerns quickly and efficiently.

6. I am pleased with the progress my child is making

At Garstang St Thomas' we monitor children's progress very closely using the County Council's "Lancashire Tracker" and APP (assessing pupil progress) booklets which move with each child through the school. This enables us to identify children straight away that are not making the desired progress and look at different ways of teaching and learning, or planning interventions that may work better for that individual child. If necessary we look at involving the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and having the child assessed or extra support put in place.

7. My child is happy at school

As a Christian school your child's happiness is of the up most importance to us. Our open door policy means that if parents/carers have any concerns about their child not being happy at school then the class teacher or Mrs Ife will be happy to discuss this and look at ways this can be rectified.

8. My child has friends at school

All children are encouraged to be friendly and the older children join Mrs Ife in reviewing the behaviour policy each year. We hold an annual friendship week and address friendship issues regularly through circle time and PSHEE (Personal, social, health and economic education). Year 6 Mentors are trained to work with the younger children in the playground and encourage them to join in and play with others.



9. I know the staff who work with my child 

Early in the new school year we hold a "Meet the Teacher" session for parents/carers to come into school and introduce themselves to their child's new teacher. We have also introduced changes to our staff page,with members of staff arranged by class so that you can easily identify them. Because some staff work in more than one class they appear on this page more than once. Click here to go directly to the new staff page.

10. I am happy with the teaching my child receives

The school's teaching is in line with the national curriculum and we are happy to answer any questions parents may have.

11. I am happy with the homework my child receives

Staff are constantly monitoring homework and are reviewing the homework policy. All work is differentiated to a level that teachers feel is appropriate for each child. While homework is set regularly, we do not wish it to become a contentious issue and children should not spend hours trying to complete a task that they are struggling with. Early in 2012 the government removed guidelines on how much homework primary age children should be set but unless children are particularly enjoying creating a project and wish to continue, an hour a week should be sufficient.  Teachers place high regard on reading at home and practicing spelling and times tables while encouraging children's involvement in after school clubs and extra curricular activities to create well rounded individuals.