Sports Competitions
Whit Cup - Netball May 2011

Year 6 were out on a trip and left Mrs Ife in charge of liaising with Mrs Kelsall (the Whit Cup organiser) They were both keeping an eye on the occasional downpours and online weather forecasts for the area.  There was a very heavy downpour just before we started, but at 6pm it was dry, if a bit grey, and we were ready to go.

Nine teams entered this year.  There were five different schools with four of them bringing two teams.  Lots of spectators braved the conditions and kept warm with cups of tea and hot dogs offered by the PTFA tuck shop.

The referees drew the teams into three different groups so each team had two group games.  The winners of each group, and the runner up with the most points met in the semi finals.

Both our teams reached the semi finals and managed to miss each other to set up a St Thomas' final.  It was a close match and both teams played brilliantly.

A big thanks to Mrs Dugdale and Mrs Cross who organised a fantastic dinner for the children before the tournament started.

A special thanks to Mrs Edmundson and the PTFA for organising a tuck shop.

Thanks to Mrs Ife and Mrs Stewart for donning high-viz jackets and taking on the role of parking attendants.  Not surprisingly they didn't want to be photographed in their jackets!