Joining our school in Reception

People often ask "how soon do I have to have to put my child's name down for a place at your school?" The answer is that you can put your child's name down as soon as they are born or leave it until the September before they are due to start school and it will make no difference! Below in list form is what happens before your child starts at our school.

1. You register an interest with our school and we take your contact details.

2. The Autumn term of the year before they are due to start school (so October 2017 for those starting in 2018), Lancashire County Council (LCC) issues information sheets about how to apply online to schools which we then send ton to all the families who have registered an interest with us. LCC also provide school with a few paper copies of the forms so if you prefer not to use the internet to apply please call in.

3. Parents then complete the admissions form either online on the LCC website or  using the paper copy collected from school and send it through to the LCC admissions office.

4. LCC collate all the applications and provide us and other primary schools with a list of potential pupils in alphabetical order.

5. The school governors meet and apply the schools admission policy criteria to the list to place the children in order and which is then returned to LCC.

6. In the Spring term before the child starts school, LCC issues letters telling families which school their child has been admitted to and how to appeal if they are not happy with that decision.

7. If you have been allocated to Garstang St Thomas' we will then contact you to invite you to a Parents' Induction Meeting where we will fill you in on everything from school uniform to behaviour policy and the curriculum. We will also ask for lots of information on lots of forms (!) so that we can have everything in place before they start school.

8. Your children will be invited to a series of induction sessions where they can "try out" school for an afternoon in the Summer term before they are due to start. Our Reception team will also try and visit your child in their nursery setting or at home to see them in a familiar environment.