We are a "Growth Mindset" School

At Garstang St Thomas' we believe that every child can "grow their brain" with the right encouragement and teaching. We believe in praising effort, not just results, in line with the growth mindset ideal. Growth Mindset works! Our 2017 SATs results show this, click here for a breakdown of our results.The video clip below shows how this can have amazing results:

Having been introduced to the concept of growth mindset in September 2016, pupils are participating in a range of activities to learn more about it and try to display a growth mindset in school (and at home). Pupils are being taught how their brains work and how new connections are formed when we try new things and practise them, over and over. Pupils have learnt about famous and influential people who have succeeded due to having a growth mindset and not giving up on their goal. We will have PSHE lessons and assemblies about growth mindset, but most importantly, all staff and children are embracing the language and the way of thinking that promotes using a growth mindset in all lessons.

Some key aspects of Growth Mindset at Garstang St Thomas'

  • We remember it’s always OK to make mistakes – we learn from them
  • We never give up! We try a different approach, or use a different strategy
  • We learn from each other – staff and children alike
  • We don’t compare ourselves with others, but we do learn from others
  • We challenge ourselves – we aim for the stretch zone not our comfort zone
  • We take risks – we don’t limit ourselves by taking the easy option
  • We join in as much as possible – and we learn much more by being involved
  • We remember that mastering something new feels so much better than doing something you can already do
  • We remember that the brain is making new connections all the time –  you can learn anything!

If you would like to learn more about growth mindset and how we use it to inspire the children to want to learn and grow please click on the resources below.

Fixed V Growth Mindset

Growth mind Set - Shifting Guide for Parents

Lots of famous people, past and present have embodied the growth mindset idea and we hope that the children will be inspired by some of the quotes below.