Fantastic Book Awards 2012

Year 5 pupils take part in Lancashire's Children's Choice Fantastic Book Awards each year. This year the children were asked to read and review The Memory Cage  by Ruth Eastman, Doctor Bonkers by Jeremy Strong, Alien Invasion by Guy Bass, The Magical Detectives by Brian Keaney, Road Horse by Caroline Binch and  Philippa Fisher & the Stone Fairies Promise by Liz Kessler.

All the children were given review sheets like the one below and asked to rate the books in order of preference. Scroll down to read some of the children's comments on each book!


The Memory Cage 

"The Memory Cage is based on real life events like WWII, Bosnia and conscientious objecters."

"A brilliant book" 

"It was very emotional."

 "Uncovering the truth could save grandad but it might also tear Alex apart."


Doctor Bonkers

"Doctor Bonkers is an inventor who is very funny"

"Doctor Bonkers is a great Sci-Fi book and I would recommend it to 8-10 year olds"

"It's a funny book based on 3 children and they go on an adventure".


Alien Invasion

"Alien Invasion is good because it is a comedy"

"Hex can't do anything right! He shoots himself with his ray gun!"

"I thought it was OK but not for me so I'd say 7-9 year olds will enjoy the crazy made up story!


The Magical Detectives

"It was a very 'got to read one more page' book because it dragged you right in and you felt like you were there"

"The Magical Detectives is a mystery portal book"

It's a book based on mystery, make-believe and sherbert lemons"


Road Horse

"Road Horse is a book about a boy who dreams of his perfect horse."

"Road Horse is a real life story in the modern day set in Appleby fair. I'd recommend it to horse lovers aged 9-11"

"I thought this book was funny and realisitic, I thought it was exciting."


Philippa Fisher & the Stone Fairies Promise

"I thought this book was adventurous. This is a magical, funny book"

"A lovely story of magic and mystery and the value of friendship"

"I didn't like this book as I didnt understand all the words"