Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

In February 2015 the children were invited to compete in an art competition to promote fairtrade. Our school produced two winners, Luke in Year 6 and Amanda in Year 1.

 Fairtrade Fortnight 2013

In February 2013 we were lucky enough to be visited by representatives from a Swedish Fairtrade town who gave us an assembly before visiting Year ^ to work with them in class. Year 6 had also taken part in a chocolate workshop using Fairtrade cocoa beans at the FiG Tree Cafe. The slide shows below show both events.

 Taking Steps for Fairtrade

During Fairtrade Fortnight 2012, every child at Garstang St Thomas' created a footprint, showing the steps they are taking for Fairtrade. These footprints were displayed around the town, in shops and the new FiG Tree Cafe. Reception Class visited Booths Supermarket and the Co-op to look for and buy Fairtrade products for their own Fairtrade "shop" in the role play area at school.

Years 4 and 6 were lucky enough to be visited by Jennipher Wettaka, a Fairtrade Coffee grower and widowed mother of 9 from Buginyanya in Uganda. Jennipher spoke to the children about her working day:

"Being a farmer and a mother, I wake up at 5.00am to prepare breakfast for the school going children before I leave for my coffee farm at 6.00am. I work on the farm, do the other house chores, look for feeds for my animals, monitor my other farms, meet other members (of the coffee co-operative) and later return home to prepare dinner for the family. Dinner i served between 8 and 9pm, and then I retire to bed. This is done on a daily basis. During my time in marriage, my late husband and I struggled to find a market for our coffee. In most cases we sold the coffee to middle men who bought it at a very low price and always mixed it with whatever rubbish they would but from elsewhere. This greatlky affected our Bugisu coffee quality and we could not find a good market and better price.

"Later we heard about Gumutindo coffee co-operative, Gumutindo means quality. We were asked to join and benefit as Fairtrade producers, we immediately joined without hesitation and have not looked back. I take pride in myself being a member of a co-operative that revived the spirit of working together on the Mt Elgon."



Also as part of  Fairtrade Fortnight 2012, Sainsbury's supermarket provided years 4, 5 and 6 with the ingredients to make fairtrade banana icecream pancakes. Sainsburys are proud to only sell Fairtrade bananas. Pictured below are Year 5 making the ice cream for their pancakes.


Garstang St Thomas’ CE Primary School are delighted to announce that in January 2011 they were granted Fairtrade School Status. As the first school in Garstang to achieve the award and with less than 500 Fairtrade schools in the whole UK the staff and pupils are understandably proud of this achievement.

Over recent years the staff and children at St Thomas’ have taken part in a successful record breaking Fairtrade banana-eating attempt, sold Fairtrade smoothies, been involved in the Dubble agent and Stock It campaigns, hosted and worked with visitors from other Fairtrade towns in Japan and from link schools in Ghana. The school has formulated a Fairtrade school development plan and only offers Fairtrade products to visitors and in the staffroom.

Head teacher Helen Ife said “As a Christian school, it is important that our children recognise how lucky they are and show their support of those less fortunate than themselves. The Fairtrade movement is an important part of teaching this message and the children have produced some imaginative and exciting work on this theme.”

Mrs Ife was also keen to acknowledge the support of the community, in particular the Co-op and Sainsbury’s supermarkets for their generosity and help. “Families receive e-mailed newsletters weekly. Every month we pull out one lucky winner who has acknowledged receipt of the newsletter to win Fair Trade goodies generously donated by Sainsbury’s supermarket. This is our way of thanking parents for their continued support and raising awareness of the Fair Trade cause.” The children were also invited to take part in a drawing competition before Christmas with the winning pictures displayed on every aisle of the local store. Mrs Ife said “We have been lucky enough to develop a fantastic link with the Garstang Sainsbury’s which we hope to develop further. Their generosity has been fantastic and they have already agreed to come in during Fairtrade Fortnight and work further with the children.”

She also acknowledged the link with the Garstang Co-op. “For many years the Co-op has lead the way with Fairtrade products and has been one of the forerunners in Garstang’s support of all things Fairtrade. Mrs Whittam and the team have always been very accommodating and I know that our Reception Classes love visiting the store to find out about Fairtrade goods and then recreate their own “Co-op” in the classroom. All the children enjoy cooking with Fairtrade ingredients and we have had some very tasty smoothies and gingerbread!”

Ruth Bruce, Chairperson of the Garstang Steering Group was one of the first to congratulate the school saying “Many, many congratulations. You really are stars and can be loud and proud of what you have done!”

Bruce Crowther, Fairtrade’s town co-ordinator said “ the staff and pupils at St. Thomas’s School have worked hard to support Fairtrade for as long as I can recall so their accolade as the first Fairtrade school in the world’s first Fairtrade Town is more than deserved and perhaps long overdue. I hope that this move will encourage other schools in Garstang and District to follow their good example”

To find out more about Fairtrade Schools please visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/schools/


Fairtrade - 'The Big Lunch' - July 19th 2009.

To find out more about The Big Lunch please click here and for the press release please click here

On Friday 6th March we took part in a banana eating world record - click here for details

As a school, we recently made a pledge to the local Fairtrade steering committee. This involved the Head Boy and Girl speaking at a Fairtrade event in front of a large audience.


We pledged to:

  • Provide Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate for school staff and visitors;

  • Give the children access to a Fairtrade snack bar at morning break;

  • Have a themed Fairtrade week in school each year.

Click here to see a copy of the Fairtrade pledge made by St. Thomas' CE Primary School

The Following day we had some distinguished visitors in school. They talked to the children about the benefits of Fairtrade for local communities.


Fairtrade Website Links:

The official Fairtrade website is where you can learn more about the FAIRTRADE Mark and the Fairtrade Foundation. It also includes practical information such as job opportunities and contact details.


The Garstang Fairtrade website provides information on Fair Trade, the Garstang Fair Trade story and links to other web sites where you can find out more about Fair Trade and Fair Trade Products.

Fairtrade Snack Bar

As part of our Fairtrade pledge we said we would start a Fairtrade tuckshop.

Above is a picture of our first day with Year 5 boys 'drumming-up' support.

The Geo bars have been a big hit and we are struggling to keep up with the demand!

This week will see a big change in our morning snack bar. In response to our Fairtrade pledge, and our Healthy Schools status, we will start providing Fairtrade snacks and healthy nibbles for morning break.

The items available will be flexible depending on what is popular with the children, and feedback from the School Council.

A special day for Garstang and our links with New Koforidua.
Using Skype, we managed to video conference with Ghana. The link lasted 40 mins and lots of questions were asked and answered by both sides. The pupils in Ghana were able to see our class as we asked questions, and it gave them a much better idea about our school. Unfortunately, we couldn't see them due to the images being blocked by the Lancashire firewall. We are awaiting our video conferencing equipment.
Watch this spot!

Fairtrade Bus comes to town
Our school council went into town to meet the Fairtrade Bus on its journey north from Liverpool to Glasgow. The town council managed to persuade the bus to stop through our Fairtrade links. We sent a small group of children to meet the bus to show our wholehearted support for Fairtrade.

Stock It
Although Garstang is a Fairtrade town, and famous for being the world's first Fairtrade town, the children in the different primary schools felt that some of the shops in Garstang could sell more Fairtrade products. The Stock It campaign came about because of this. It was timed to coincide with the visit to Garstang of two students from New Koforidua - Joycelin and Stephen. Representatives from the three primary schools visited various businesses in town, to either suggest they stock more Fairtrade products (by leaving Stock It cards completed in the schools) or to congratulate them on promoting Fairtrade.

The day finished with some traditional dancing in front of the Discovery Centre.