Year Two: 2017-18

Year Two is taught by Mrs Bosson with help from Ms Wood, Mrs Haslam and Mr Baker

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Year 2!

 We hope you had a relaxing summer holiday and that the children are feeling refreshed for lots of new learning!  I'm sure they will soon settle into Year 2 routines. If there are any worries or concerns please come and see talk to me, Ms Wood, Mr Baker or Mrs Haslam. Communication is the key to us understanding and working together! J

 Underpinning all of our Year 2 work will be our British Values of welcoming and including everyone, sharing and cooperating fairly, and working hard to make our best contribution to our team.

 Every day, after registration at 8.50, the children will be working in different groups and classroom areas for Reading, Writing and Spelling so it is important to be on time. Remember our doors open at 8.40 to give the children 10 minutes to organise their belongings before the day starts. This is a perfect time for the children to change their home reading books if they want to. In Year 2 we do not have a Mrs Freeman to help with reading books so we encourage the Year 2s to be independent in finding themselves a book and writing the title in their yellow record book.

Please help your child by reading with them on a regular basis. A list of common exception words that your child should be able to read is inside their yellow reading record. Please try to help your child learn a few each week and look out for them when reading!

On Wednesdays Spelling books are given out so that the children can practise at home. Please encourage your child to practise their spelling list plus 5 of the common exception words (stuck at the back of their green book.) Please remind your child to bring the book back in on the following Monday for our spelling test.

Occasionally My Maths homework will be set on Mondays to reinforce work done in class. There will be no deadline and your child can have as many attempts as they need.

Morning snack is organised in a similar way to Year 1 with a choice of toast or fruit for 20p/day and then free fruit in the afternoon. Please return the letter and payment by the end of the week.

 Many thanks for your support.

Mrs Bosson and the Year 2 team


Below is  an overview of some of the learning that will be taking place in our Year 2 family to start this term, alongside our essential English and Maths skills:

Family Fun!

 In RE we will be learning from Bible stories about how special Jesus was and how he included everyone in God's family. We will be thinking about how Christian values link to these stories.

 In PSHEE we will be thinking about how special we are as individuals, about what it means to belong to, participate in and make a contribution to different groups. Through these ideas we will develop understanding of right and wrong, the need for rules and respect for the contribution that different individuals can make. Our Sex and Relationships focus will be on friendships, families and about people who are significant in our lives. We will identify a range of emotions and explore how to manage them. Big Questions around friendships, feelings, likes and dislikes, preferences and choices, similarities and differences, will form the basis of simple debates where we will practise being polite, considerate and respectful of others' feelings, needs and opinions.

 As Historians we will be turning to special older people in our lives to help us find out more about life at school in the past. There will be a Talk-Time homework around this (details to follow.)

 PE is on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Mondays we will be exploring different families of movement: travelling, jumping, turning and rolling, then creating a gymnastic sequence. On Tuesdays we will be working as a team in Outdoor Adventures so your child will need wellies/ boots and a change of clothes that might get muddy! (Remember for safety reasons, no earrings should be worn on these days unless your child can take them out without help. Long hair should be tied up for school using bands/bobbles in school uniform colours.)

 As designers we will be learning and practising sewing skills that we can use in a collaborative project for our Year 2 classroom.

 As Scientists we will be sorting, grouping and comparing materials and exploring their suitability for making everyday objects. This will involve using equipment to make observations and collect data to answer our scientific questions. We'll find out how some materials can be changed by applying forces.  Our Super Scientist will be John Dunlop. We will also look at different groups of living things and in our garden, we will start to explore the life cycle of plants.

If you have expertise or interest in gardening or sewing we would welcome your help! 🙂

 As Artists we will explore primary and secondary colours taking inspiration from the work of Mondrian and Klee to create our own paintings on paper and screens. We will also be exploring colour families through choosing textiles.

 In Computing we will start by working on our photography skills so that we can record, manipulate, organise and retrieve our work. To do this we will need to know how to use a password to access our folder on the secure network and relevant e-safety training will also be part of this work.

 As Musicians we will be turning our classroom into an orchestra pit as we embark on our team-journey to Charanga Music World to learn how to play the descant recorder!