Year Six: 2017-18

Year Six is taught by Mr Marle, Mrs Gaughan and Mrs Stewart with help from Mrs Mower.

The Year 6 children have been having some PALs  training from Fleetwood Town.  They had created their own games and were eager to try them out on the Year 1 children.  Both Year groups had lots of fun and lots of exercise.

The Year 6 children will be introducing their games to the rest of Key Stage One and Reception at lunch times in the coming weeks.

The photos below show a team building exercise that Y6 took part in in September. The children worked in groups to build stools to support a cuddly toy. They all worked brilliantly together and had some unusual and creative designs.

Over the Summer Year 6 took part in a reading challenge. The pictures below show some of the class (and Mr Marle!) prooving that you really can ready anywhere!